Yesterday, on the 28th of June this year, Premier Colin Barnett announced a dramatic cabinet reshuffle following Christian Porter’s resignation.

Troy Buswell, who has his share of controversy (affair with Adele Carles, former Greens MP and chair sniffing of women’s chairs), has returned to his former position as Treasurer.

“Police Minister Rob Johnson has been dumped after several gaffes, while Education Minister Liz Constable retires.”

Scarborough MLA Liza Harvey takes over Rob Johnson as Police Minister, whereas ‘Murray-Wellington MLA Murray Cowper, a former policeman who becomes Minister for Training and Workforce Development and Corrective Services, and North Metropolitan Region MLC Michael Mischin, a lawyer, who becomes the state’s new Attorney-General’

‘Peter Collier retains the energy portfolio and takes on education’.

‘Deputy Premier Kim Hames will become Leader of the House in the Legislative Assembly, while three new faces become parliamentary secretaries – Mike Nahan, Joe Francis and Albert Jacob’.

The Opposition has labelled the cabinet reshuffle as desperation: See

Realistically, some of these people in new positions deserve them, and it may not be entirely desperation. Mike Nahan is an economist, and if I am not wrong, a former academic. He was once an IPA policy director, its due time he received recognition in Parliament.

Michael Mischin is more accomplished than Christian Porter. Liza Harvey, despite certain failings of youth; is probably popular by my guess for pushing what needs to be done. I have heard that she regularly helps people with problems with the  WA State Department of Enviroment and Conservation, and also helping a certain individual pushing for environmental law reform- to actually reflect reality, lets call him ‘BC’, he has probably come to her for help before.

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