As is the way I will obviously bag China in this process, you see

  • 1977 there were 1m cars in China
  • 2008  this was 51m cars
  • 2012 it has escalated to 85m cars in China
  • there are currently an additional 38000 cars on the road in China  daily
  • In Australia we have some 14m cars on our roads as a comparison.

Even a dim-witted Emu can realise their is no logic to a Carbon Tax in Australia, when so many of the top polluters above us are doing nothing except increasing their own emission’s.

A list of our Top 24 World Oil Consumers show us at a very lowly 22nd in the world, this is the futility of this regimes claims we can make a difference

  1. United States of America over 19 million barrels per day
    No Carbon Price
  2. China  over 9,400,000 barrels although suspect this is far higher today
    $1.55 per tonne
  3.  Japan  over 4,452,000 barrels per day
    No Carbon Tax
  4. India – 3,182,000 barrels per day
    $1.07 per tonne
  5.  Saudi Arabia 2,643,000 barrels per day (BPD)
    0 and won’t cut production
  6. Germany – 2,495,000 BPD
    with the closure of 5 Nuclear power plants Carbon price has jumped to approx $20
  7. Canada – 2,209,000 BPD
  8. Russia –  2,199,000 BPD
  9. South Korea –  2,195,000 BPD
    Claims to have one but not much known
  10. Mexico –  2,073,000 BPD
  11. Brazil – 2,029,000 BPD
  12. France – 1,861,000 BPD
    None since the election
  13. Iran – 1,845,000 BPD
  14. UK – 1,622,000 BPD
  15. Italy – 1,528,000 BPD
  16. Spain – 1,441,000 BPD
  17. Indonesia – 1,292,000 BPD
  18. Singapore – 1,080,000 BPD
  19. Netherlands – 1,009,000 BPD
    Only on fuel
  20. Taiwan – 1,002,000 BPD
  21.  Thailand – 988,000 BPD
  22. Australia –  960,800 BPD
    $23 per tonne of Carbon Pollution
  23. Venezuela  746,000 BPD
  24. Egypt – 740,000 BPD

As can be seen of course even if the whole Gore theory had been  correct, there would be no way we could help anyone with this tax, but of course we can HURT Australian businesses and the Australian people.

Ever since the Blair Gore Project, his disciples around the world sold his lies in the same way many Evangelists have done, and the Socialist Network set about producing reports to verify their theory.

In Australia when a Freedom of Information Request was made for the original data used to create the CSIRO modelling, we were told this data was lost.  No investigation into this, it was just lost?  This is the supposed Original data that all modelling stems off from, and it can not be verified, apart from the fact it was supporting the Ghore Witch Project.  And a whole Government and University Industry has sprung from this in order to uphold their claims.  The trouble with lies and misinformation though, eventually the walls crumble and the truth stars peeking through.

This is happening now in Australia, we have seen through this falsehood, and even those that once supported the Labor Party are deserting it for this election as they cannot support the Cabinet in control and their Omnipotent beliefs.

Even the Greens and Labor have fallen out and the Greens are even further Left than this present regime.  I do believe it is a Greens plan to try and save their own necks at the election though, but they will not survive the fallout, all supporters of this Government will pay their price.  I only hope the price is big enough to make them realise this must never occur again.

What I can see happening though is the Coalition will try to repeal the Carbon Tax, but will come up with the only economic way for this to happen is the introduction of a ETS.  I say try this and the Coalition also will find itself under attack by their own supporters, as this is acknowledging the whole Gore Witch Project as being true when in reality it is a lie.