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Here is my summary of key climate news from the past few days.  The first two articles point to global cooling and for me it’s already happening in more ways than one.  For starters Germany is cooling on renewable energy as reality sets in across the globe that solar and wind are simply not up to it.  Unionist Paul Howes dismisses Gillard’s big lie as “confetti” while observations trump alarmist predictions.  An increasing disconnect from reality benchmarks the Left across the globe these days.  Could this be the cool wind of reason blowing up the collective Khyber Pass?

Russian Academy of Sciences: Temperatures will

drop half a degree by 2015.

From No Tricks Zone, Climate news from Germany in English – by P Gosselin

The German langauge Voice of Russia here reports a news item you’ll never hear from the mainstream media. Top scientists of Russia’s most prestigious academy say global warming is ending.

Here’s the Voice of Russia report translated in English:

Global warming is coming to an end: In the coming years the temperature over the entire planet will fall and the cooling will provide a character of relief. This is the conclusion reached by Russian scientists from the Physics University of the Russian Academy of Science.

The process of a general temperature decrease has already begun, according to the research. After having peaked in 2005, the average temperature on Earth is now returning to the level of the 1996-1997 years, 0.3°C lower.

According to the scientists, global temperatures will fall another 0.15°C by 2015, which corresponds to the climate of the early 1980s.”

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The Russians are not alone in predicting a fall in temps.

Premonitions of the Fall (in temperature) by David Archibald at WUWT:

“The forecast is for continued cool weather all over the Earth through the mid-1980s, with a global warming trend setting in thereafter for the rest of the century – followed by a severe cold snap that might well last through the first half of the 21st century.”

The prediction is that the climate will continue to deteriorate on the average, but that after our present cooling-off of more than the average decay in climate, there will be a temporary warming up followed by a greater rate of cooling-off.”

The remarkable thing about the Libby and Pandolfi prediction is that they got the fine detail right, up to the current day, which gives a lot of credence to their projection for the next fifty years.

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It looks like the EU Energy Commission is hearing the message loud and clear

Subsidies in the EU for solar and wind power should be phased out as quickly as possible. That is what the European Commission says in an internal draft strategy paper that EU Energy Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, will present in Brussels early next month.

In doing so, the EU Commission is supporting the German government which wants to reduce solar subsidies by up to 30 percent, a plan which has met with resistance in the Upper House of the German Parliament.

The expansion and especially the maturity of renewable energy such as solar and wind power have grown much faster than expected, the strategy paper points out. The cost of photovoltaic systems, for instance, had fallen by 48 percent in the last five years. The cost for the construction of offshore wind farms had decreased by 12 percent since 2008. In light of these developments, member states would have to make their programmes more flexible to phase them out.

The leaked strategy paper concludes with:

Until now, the German government has opposed any such Europe-wide plan because it would put in question Germany’s Renewable Energy Law (EEG) in which the feed-in tariff for renewable energy is set out. Not a single German party is currently prepared to agree to such a plan.

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Anton Lang explains why the logistics of solar and wind don’t add up

A nation still drawing 18,000MW in it’s sleep can’t go solar…

We need lots of electricity even while we sleep. …our electricity needs are high at night.  We can burn the odd $500 billion building hundreds of solar plants, but even then, we would have to go “medieval” for about 8 hours each night. Candles anyone?

The lowest power use each day is still as much as 60% of the peak. That’s the base load at 3am, and solar panels and wind farms just can’t provide it.

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Meanwhile as “the meme collapses” Australians get confetti from AWU national secretary Paul Howes at the National Press Club

AWU national secretary Paul Howes at the National Press Club dismisses Julia Gillard’s broken promise on a carbon tax as “confetti” – a distraction from the big issues.

Here’s what Andrew Bolt has to say about  “confetti”

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Joanne Nova explains why Climate Models get the core assumptions wrong.

The missing hotspot is not just another flaw in the theory, it proves the models are wrong: not just “unverified”, not just “uncertain”, but failed.

The observations don’t match the predictions

Read it all here and please note the number of references and the quality of the discussions and reports.

In summary, there is not a lot going for climate alarmism these days and it’s either a very brave or a very stupid government that attempts to pass legislation to help control climate.  For mine, the scales are weighing well on the side of stupid.