A very lovely parcel of interesting documents concerning the ties and relationships of GetUp with outside and international groups has landed in my post box. Thank You Mr or Ms XXXXXXX.

The whistleblower has asked that no mention of this be made till long after the documents had  XXXXXXXXX within GetUp.

That time has now passed.

Alas although they appear most damning to me with the extreme bias evident in our current press we will need an absolute airtight and complete case to receive any interest at all from the Australian media.

Mr or Ms XXXXXXX may not be able to get access to  the extra material.

It takes a lot to follow your conscience and tell the truth that may damage the interests of your colleagues and difficult too.

It shouldn’t come down to just one person putting their neck on the line.

If it is true then let it get out there. We are all empowered by this.

We are all sick of secret agendas ruling our daily lives.

PLEASE ……anyone connected with this issue at all please think of Australia’s long term future and ad to this information if you can.

I advise that using the mail and not internal or linked electronic means as a precaution is a most sensible course of action.

I hate to admit this but it is actually in GetUps best interest to purge itself of this problem now for the good of their cause and Australian Politics at large.

I wonder how the people concerned will respond.

the editor