From Very humble beginnings in mid September 2010….our little website held together

in various forms on a strand of a shoestring (much less than a shoestring) gets to the big 3Million.

For Australia, THAT’S BIG STUFF!

we have evolved from this ….

where we could not even update the front page

to this….

and hopefully soon……..??????

we are constantly trying to update from our primitive beginnings.

with increased viewership comes increased costs… and increased hacking attempts

which further eat up resources.

If you would like to contribute to something that will really get up GetUps Nose.

Please assist us to continue and thrive .. even a very small amount makes a  very BIG difference.

To our Readers….


And to those two generous people that partly helped me pay a few hundred  dollars each for this achievement

thank you too!

just 25$ can help enormously going forward and sadly most previous donations tend to be one off.

we are now of a proportion to offer good value to advertisers.

Please pass on any tips or suggestions.

With a little help we will be even bigger and better soon.

the editor ( still doing cartwheels)