If you think there’s nothing you can do to fight the oppression that has been creeping into Australia, the answer is right here. If you doubt that your little efforts could matter at all.. you are wrong! You to can do this. It all adds up. Every little bit helps get the message across and keep the opposition to this draconian tax alive!

Another One Fights The Tax

The fight against the carbon tax continues. So does the example of ‘what can someone do’ when it comes to making a stand.

What Tempe Harvey has been doing in Brisbane and Sydney to fight against the tax is also being done by Gerry Flood in Victoria.

Around 6 weeks ago Gerry campaigned on the border of 2 “safe” ALP electorates in Melbourne and got a great response.

The safe seats (which aren’t as safe thanks to the carbon tax!) were Simon Crean’s Electorate of Hotham and none other than the Electorate of Isaacs which is the seat held by Mark Dreyfus QC, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change.

Most of the responses Gerry received were in support abolishing the tax. When displayed the sign for 15 minutes at Brighton Beach Station in Melbourne he received 16 affirmative honks or thumbs up. The only negative response was from a cyclist who said “It’s pollution”.

There’s more to living in a democracy than just voting, people need to get involved wherever you can. Even if it means going into a politicians own electorate and demonstrating that the people there are against what their local representative is supporting.

While Prime Minister Gillard says other nations are embracing this pointless idea they are in fact abandoning the idea in droves. Even Obama, the supposed great hope for the century, is abandoning (under pressure) the most crazy environmental programs.

Not surprising since they are run with too much spin and ideology and have proven to be expensive, ineffective and  a total failure. Sound familiar?

Labor claims it will all be part of a global market with carbon trading but other nations are backing away from such an idea.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper stood for election opposing such an encumbrance on his country and all the major emitters such as the US, China, India and Japan will not be trading paper carbon credits with Australia in the future.

And why would they?

If something costs nothing why suddenly pay for it on the claim of helping the environment when in fact it won’t help in the slightest. A carbon tax is at best a short term revenue raiser to temporarily prop up an economy suffering from mismanagement.

The trouble is the prop in question eventually becomes a drag on an economy because it pushes up costs in every area. And to add to that Labor is committing billions of dollars we need here to the United Nations making the carbon tax a double edged sword on the Australian economy. And this is on top of the 8 billion dollars spent this year on foreign aid while Australia languishes under a massive debt, our hospital system is collapsing, many flood victims still have no homes and our pensioners are struggling with an unbearable load on their own meagre budgets.

The efforts of Tempe and Gerry are showing people you can do something to fight this. While it’s unlikely to cause the tax to be immediately repealed it does serve as a reminder of the contempt that the Green/Labor alliance has treated the electorate and will help keeping people reminded right until the next election.

So remember, if you ever ask yourself how you can help change anything since there’s only one of you, right here is the answer.

You CAN do it!


Peter Perkins