Your silence is golden for governments.

When it comes to discussing politics some people will engage in it, some will give a strange little giggle and many will just be apathetic and not want to have anything to do with it.

When pressed the gigglers and the apathetic will give interesting reasoning’s behind their attitudes. The gigglers say something vague about it being a waste of time. The apathetic say the same thing and qualify it with some of the following reasons.

“Politicians are crooks” or “there’s nothing I can do” or “politicians are fools” and the one that staggers belief “It’s too difficult to anything about it, just easier to not worry, easier to do nothing”.

Just easier? With how things are turning out it’s safe to say too many people decided they didn’t want to get involved it was ‘easier’.

Now we have a situation where our governments are being more deceitful than ever and sticking their hands in our pockets to fund their spending wish lists.

Governments have to be kept in line. They have to know people are watching what they are doing and will act. It won’t stop government’s self-serving approach but it will rein it in.

What we have now is a federal government that made all sorts of deals to gain power and is acting without any kind of mandate from the people

We have a federal government that celebrates with cheering and hugging all-round when they pass carbon pricing legislation that is unwanted by the electorate.

We have investigations into a politicians alleged misdeeds taking over three years. The investigation is not handled by the police but by a government agency that is supposed to be making sure working people are treated fairly.

We have a so called independent tribunal who ruled that the members of the federal parliament get a massive pay increase. The prime minister found herself getting paid much more than other leaders such as the US president and the UK prime minister.

And just in case anyone in federal parliament has any misgivings over whether they really deserve the increase considering the other expensive benefits they receive, there is legislation in place that obliges them to accept any increases determined by the tribunal.

At the state level Electricity market competition is introduced under the guise of keeping prices down. When that fails to materialise and prices greatly increase we are told with a straight face that this is the price of having competition.

Power prices are further hiked up to pay for telemarketing and salespeople to help finance this so called competition.

In Queensland the government of the day racked up a massive debt and within four years Queensland went from little debt to the largest state debt in Australia.

That government went into an election and kept its plans to deal with the debt secret until after the election.

They then turned services such as car registration fees into a profit making mode and privatised various state assets under the guise of having to make the ‘tough decisions’ to fix the problem they created and a fix a problem that we shouldn’t even have to begin with.

Water infrastructure was separated from the local councils and people soon found themselves with two bills for similar amounts where they only used to be one.

The CEOs of the new water companies benefited greatly. The CEO of one of these companies was actually getting paid more than the prime minister. That is until the, independent tribunals, ruling

Former Brisbane lord mayor Jim Soorley was made CEO of one of these companies. The former mayor was also from the same party that was in state government at that time.

Public transport fares increased drastically adding to the cost burden people are carrying.

Governments Australia wide have been helping themselves to what they want because there are not enough people doing anything to keep them in check. Yes several state governments have been voted out at recent elections but by then the damage is well and truly done.

The cost of living for many is now an absolute massive burden on the budgets of many. Power disconnections due to non-payment are on the increase. Many people can’t afford to heat their house or hose their garden. Many can’t afford a simple chocolate bar for their child and are getting harder pressed to get food.

Bankruptcies are increasing, credit card debt is rising and governments are still adding to the burden with more borrowing that has to be paid back and more spending directed everywhere except where it’s needed.

So who will now say doing nothing was easier? For want of some involvement by the electorate we are now living under a massive economic burden. Is losing most of your pay packet to the ever increasing cost of living really easier than doing nothing?

How can living downtrodden and in poverty be the easier option?

There is no greater power than the people of a country united in a common cause. If that cause is to bring the government of the day back into line or to tell it to leave then no government can stand up to it.

Trouble is there is there is no power that is easier to take apart and disable. Governments have succeeded in doing that because many have voluntarily let themselves be put in that position.

Governments will keep doing these things until people finally realise that they have to get involved to stand up for themselves.

The Editors