Earth Hour again? well I guess if you know my work then you would know well my thoughts on the rubbish that is anthropological climate change thus you will understand when I refer to Earth Hour as STUPID HOUR!
It amuses still that this purely symbolic gesture in paganism and the far lefts agenda to redistribute the wealth of the first world in such a way that we all will return to the dark ages, both metaphorically and literally speaking, is still in practise. Last year it was seen as a virtual failure as progressively every year less and less people follow the instructions of the Gaia Zealots to turn off their power.
Two ironic points that can not be understated are that, Al Gore, the high priest of this stupid religion uses 20 more times the average household power daily and he has not one solar panel on the roof of his mansion and the other is that these useful idiots that fill the harbour side parks and venues when this self deluded, self praising and extremely pious act occurs, are the same soft headed twits that scream for development in the third world. Can you imagine the heading shaking of those in places where electricity is but a dream seeing these fat first worlders turning off their lights and popping champagne in the candle light!
Apart from the actually futility of turning off your lights in order to save electrical generation and thus reduce carbon emissions, because any thinking person knows that this doesn’t work, the power generators are still running at the same rate, these Greenies still this that we all should feel a real sense of self shame just because we were fortunate enough to be born in this time and live in this place.
If they love the simple native dark life soooo much then why the hell don’t they all just swap their lifestyle and homes for those in other parts of the world who would actually value progress.
Kinda sucks the air out of the room and that’s probably a good thing as we are about to be taxed for using it.


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